Giving Well

As we travel, a group of us, I look to my left and can only see the faces of my fellow care givers being dimly lit by the distant star light. Ahead of us a small planet on the physical level comes into our view, becoming larger by the second. We slow our approach and focus on an area where we have been called upon from. Gently gliding down through clouds that are brightened by a suns light reflecting off a nearby moon as I take another look to my friends who have their wings outstretched, barely room for a cherub to pass between. Coming to a stop above a solid ground of a mountain top I notice the nature workers moving to the side to greet us and give us room at the same time, they are always so happy to see us as we are happy to see them.

I focus my attention to the matter at hand, and so do my fellow care givers, to the city below. Such noise and discomfort has accumulated yet the peoples sleep as it is their time of rest. The workers have become silent and stationary as they watch the light descend from above us, as large as the area we have come to, along with golden flakes floating about in the air. A beautiful day approaches, we whisper to the peoples floating in the light before they awaken, and complete our giving for this visit. We bow and say good bye to the workers while the energy of love that surrounds the city begins to pull us back to where we had originally taken the call. Yes indeed, I reply to a giver who comments on our mission of giving well.
Traveler On The Path