Glory, Honor, Power, & Praise

There are many ways
found in some sweetness within
Count in how many days
That the helpful love will win

Words beyond inspirational
Praying with a strongfull of will
It’s what first loving a cute animal
Prayers will be heard with great skill

“You don’t need luck”
When telling them to friends
The luck comes inside hopes, not to mock
This is where miracles sends.

There are times a tear
had run down when someone dies
Pray to not let the fear
come towards your eyes

A relative may be as close
for someone they had really care
Don’t want to see them rose
too much on arguments would be no share

God is not a bad God
a loving God that wants everyone to love and care
He wants to see joyful, they hear and they nod
Just full of praises to share

A time to listen
When praises are thankful
Ask to not let anything sin
from you, but let no evil rule

Now is the time
to believe in your hopes and dreams
listen to a sweet sounds of a chime
for a clear water streams

You must have courage
upon the dignity from thyself
It’s like walking along the bridge
where you see a golden shelf

God is everywhere
when we go some place
only a prayer would be fair
that’s when your problems solved in case

This includes that he loves us
that we try to understand
we can give it a positive plus
when we help a helping hand

Arguments causes the inside
from the person to not care
Try not let your hurtful feelings hid
that you may try to bare