Is a moment of joy,
a smile or a kind word from a stranger;
Unexpected and spontaneous,

Beauty of the vision,
perfectness of the glance,
the vulnerability of the inevitability,
it all happens right here and now.

How to reach for the inner state,
the feeling of comfort and loving kind;
To experience the life,
as it comes;
by humble mind and open arms,
you are always welcome,
I am here to stay.

My lesson is to learn,
the sorrows and the pains;
but also the glimpses of glamour,
and the highest of the scale.

One day happiness will become,
the same as sorrow;
My time will come,
when this is true;
Then I am ready,
and will see;
Two sides of the same coin,
minted into one;
No more happiness,
no more blue;
They are here,
but not for me;
I have learned,
and see them through.

All was for one,
greatness of life;
that beyond the scope,
let us reach;
and finally teach,
to give away,
for all we know,
nothing more to stay.

The stage is different,
and the tools as well.
Good bye we say,
and leave without a trace.

is here to stay.
Traveler On The Path