He was part of my reason for living.
His smiles, laughs, tricks, love and his Hugs.
One day he was taken away from us all.
Why did this have to happen to such a gift from God??
I thought God was to protect the innocent?
Haus was the child I never could have dreamed of.
I was the luckiest mom, he blessed me with ten
wonderful fun and love filled years.
Why not more?
I don’t get to hug him, kiss him on the cheek,
or hear him tell me he loves me.
The days just him and I, “oh how lucky I was”.
I want him back.
That special bond we had is no longer.
God , please take care of our wonderful precious gift.
I only get to see him and hear him in my dreams.
Only until the day I can be with him again.
My Family Together Again.
I Love You Haus!!
Traveler On The Path