Heaven and Earth

Beyond the trees a lone bridge stands
Arching graciously between the lands;
Its cold hard stone shall never cease
To bring forth, one’s eternal peace.

Through its form, there flows a stream
Its beauty borrowed, to later dream;
On its banks, a thousand flowers
God’s creations, infinite powers.

High above, when clouds touch hands
A shower of diamonds upon the lands;
Why seek shelter from the heavens above?
A sign from God and his endless love.

When night falls and the eye cannot see
One might reflect ‘Was that all for me?’
But nature provides for all living things
From the poorest men to the richest kings.

So please remember, when you wander the fields
What the Lord gives and all that it yields;
For when we are taken from this mortal coil
Our bodies committed to the earth and the soil.
Traveler On The Path