I am an eagle

I am an eagle, as an eagle I do soar,
to heights of unimaginable realms,
where I’ve never been before.

Traveling places only dreamed of,
the sights beyond belief.

I am an eagle,
be it only when I sleep.

Last night I traveled higher then I ever have before,
ascending almost endlessly,
till planets became my floor.

There is no end to this wonderful space,
the mystical doors open wide.

I am an eagle and fly high.

Stretching my wings and lifting them up,
and bringing them down with a push
I feel my feet leaving the cliff,
as air currents lift with a whoosh,
this is where the trips begin,
and My soul begins to soar.

I am an eagle my soul sings.

All my years upon this earth,
such freedom I have never known,
bending my head, banking to right,
looking down upon my home.

Seeing the sun, moon, planets and stars
never once ever feeling alone.

Earth standing out like a magnificent jewel,
for a moment I forgot it was home.

From a distance it looked like a beautiful place,
so peaceful, Loving and clean.

Then I remembered how it really was,
what a shame it became so obscene.
Traveler On The Path