I Love To Write About Rainbows

I love to write about rainbows,
It brightens up my day.
And every time I see one,
I always seem to say.
Thank you Lord for your gift you hung above my head,
And then these words do follow
It always starts with red.

R- is for the red that represents the root of who I am.
A- is for the awe-inspiring colors flowing from your hand.
I- is for the instrumental part the colors play in my perception.
N- is for the Nearness to my Lord I feel your love and acceptation.
B- is for the Beauty that shows me just how great thou art.
O- is for oneness with my surroundings that touch my heart.
W- is for the wonderful feeling that I get when one is before me.
S- is for the silence within my heart and the gift of glee.

I thank you Lord for your beauteous art you share
What an awesome gift to see your rainbows painted in the air.