Journey to somewhere

From my room through the air
I was blown by a wind
it carried me to a quiet town
I had not seen or been

I stepped across the street
to a park on the other side
and came upon a baker’s shop
that caught my searching eye

A few people stood by the window
and we all looked in
as a lonely young girl
placed a cake within

Slowly through the window
I put my arms and hands
to see what I could feel
as if I had this planned

The girl raised her head
and gave to me a smile
as if to say to me
won’t you please stay a while

I smiled back
and went on not too far
then skimmed across the street
nearly being hit by a car

An older man was driving
his hair was short and gray
I could see the way he felt
was better he did not say

The wind picked me up again
back to my room I returned
to awaken from a journey
to where I may never learn

(This was an actual Out of Body Experience – 1980)

Traveler On The Path