Mothers Legacy

Winged celestial choirs, filled the rows in heaven gates, Rains showered
Angels bringing words spoken in each finest hour
Exceeding to excellence beyond all measures of time
Flowed the lady in silvery wings smiling to thine

Etched in soft Rose ribbons, her basket she carried of her life’s stay
Memories she shared of, her children, grandchildren array
Thronged in air, brimmed with wavering lights around her stood tall
Arch Angel Michael, holding each of heavens walls

With her spied berets she stepped to speak her peace
Lord I have many, I have left, I wish to send them faith to see, she replied
With all the gifts, The angel lifted Cherubs light, A rainbow in Gods everlasting sky
To her family the pilgrimage started while each one she held as the baby of her own, there own legacy of life

Taking the steps in renown hearts prayers, she sent them, by messenger to all her families there
Speaking in slumber she will say, each one she loved in her loving way
Her children are her blessings in legacy she leaves to all
Now she will wear the families guardian shawl

Traveler On The Path