My life in your hands

Nestling against my mother
Her fur so soft and warm
So safe and so secure
I have no idea at all
What my small life may bring

Big hands grabbing at me now
Mother , where are you?
They think my cries are cute
But I want my mum and my brothers and sisters

I’m held now very close
Against something soft and warm again
Now my life is in your hands
Please don’t let me down

We go away from mother
In a big and noisy thing
I’m scared and shaking
You cuddle me tight

I look up at you with trusting eyes
Your face looks kind and gentle
I stop shaking a little now
The noisy thing has stopped

We go inside, it all seems so strange
I’m given a bed that’s soft and warm
Perhaps it’s not so bad
Then later more cuddles and something to eat

Soon I forget my mother
You are my family now
And when I’m big I’ll keep you safe
And give you lots of love

But please remember
My life is in your hands
So love me always
As I will you
And our friendship will never end
Traveler On The Path