My Love

Over twenty years you’ve walked with me;
All these days from loneliness I’ve been free;
Your love and warmth I feel in your words and deeds;
I’ m blessed with a soul mate true and faithful indeed.

You share my fears and tears, my joys and pain;
Together we walk in sunshine or in rain,
United in love, traversing this earthly journey;
In stormy weather we hold each other tightly.

True love is an overwhelming emotion,
Inspiring us to give all our devotion,
It’s more precious than all the gold and money;
It’s a special chemistry, a spiritual alchemy.

I believe our Heavenly Father above
Has destined us to live together in love;
Since the day at the altar you said, ‘I Do’,
My life has been full as I love and cherish you.

God sent you to me to have and to hold as my wife,
To journey this way till the end of this life,
Our love will then go on for eternity,
As our souls will continue our history.