On The Wings of Love

Long have we waited for you to say, “I do”;
Happy we are to see your dreams come true;
At the altar a solemn vow you’ve made –
To have and to hold, to walk and to talk as soul mates.

The magic of love has bridged the racial gap;
The colour of skin or hair is no handicap.
Give to each other in the spirit of joy;
Your love will be ever fresh and never cloy.

If a boulder big stands in your way,
The strength of your love will help you shove it away.
Do not tarry and do not stop the conversation;
The storks will bring you wondrous bundles of jubilation.

Age you must but let not your love grow old;
True love is more precious than oodles of gold;
It’s in understanding and sacrificing, in giving and forgiving;
In your ears let “I love you” keep ringing.

Sing, dance and romp in the Eden of your making;
Tend the fruit of love by caring and sharing;
Let the music of love set your hearts a-quiver;
Let the melody of true love linger forever.

We wish you blessings from the Lord above;
We wish you never ending fabulous love;
We wish you romantic days, marvelous and glorious;
We wish you bliss as eternal as the stars.

We wish you zest and health to savor life;
We wish you peace of the Lord as you live and strive;
We wish you a smooth journey of untroubled life,
As you set out henceforth as husband and wife.

In any circumstance, in weal or in woe,
For richer, for poorer, let your love overflow;
In sunshine or in storm, keep the knot secure and tight;
Go on your way and on the wings of love take flight.

To my nephew Adrian and his newly wedded wife Susanne on their Wedding Day (29th November, 2003).
Traveler On The Path