One Last Night

Be still take care my bleeding heart
the end is near in sight.
The letting go of hopes and dreams
will come this final night.

One last release of salty tears
will wash away the pain.
No more will I relive the past
nor think what might-have-been.

No wishing for his kiss or touch
or him to long for mine.
No more the prayer for his return
nor back the hands of time.

I’ll find within myself the strength
and share with those I love
the peace I carry deep inside
God’s blessing from above.

I know that though he loved me not,
another will and then
I’ll soar up high on angel wings
free to fly again.

This man who brought me utter joy
I loved with all my soul.
And though my heart will not forget,
tonight I let him go.

Patricia Petro
Traveler On The Path