Self Realization

When I was sitting near the bay
And gazing at the stars
I suddenly remembered the day
That put me behind the bars

The bars that made me leave
My dear little motherland
And made me forget
How much I owed to her

The bars I mean are of money
And of want and greed
In me it has sown a seed
Of depression and hatred

Hatred against my own deeds
That made me live a life
A life full of sorrow and unhappiness
Which cut my family with a knife

Behind this craze for the riches
I lost my dear old wife
And now my children, far away
Will go their on way

I am a sinner and I have realized
The wrong I have done with myself
So I thought to leave away
The world far behind

When I walked up to the sea ahead
Something made me turn
The sound of bells far away
Pulled me to the church

I prayed to God all day long
And asked him for forgiveness
The tears that rolled in grief
Were those of sigh and relief

Then I saw the priest ahead
Who held my hand in his
And lead me towards the path
For service towards humanity

Life now to me means a lot
Blended happiness peace and joy
Now I enjoy the green grass
Happily as I pass!–mep-nl–