The Little Purple Snapdragon

She stands alone, the little purple snapdragon.
Fifty feet from water.
Fifty feet from land.
Straight and strong in the rocks.
Where did she come from?
This is not her natural habitat.
How can she survive here?

All around I look for clues and see none.
The little purple snapdragon has appeared – out of nowhere.
Somehow, her seed has found the tiniest of crevice to make a home.
Unnoticed, she grew.
One day I walked the rocky beach and there she was,
Beautiful, rich velvet petals in the deepest shade of purple.
The wind was strong and she held firm.
How did she get here?

She is my mentor, the little purple snapdragon.
I too have come out of nowhere –
to what at first seems not to be my natural habitat.
I have found a tiny place and begun to nest.
I am holding firm.
The little purple snapdragon and I are pioneers.
Pioneers of the heart – go where it feels right.
And then live, live, live.

Daryl Clarke