The Power of Now

I search for my power; its spirit eludes my closed mind,
My heart pounds with the distance that I once left behind,

Where can it be this bright star, my guide of the night, Its whistle from afar, comes my way like a runaway kite,

My nerves makes me shiver with every reaction,
Why does this fear guide my thoughts & stagnate all my action,

This hand that holds me secure & encloses my world, Does it lead me to forgiveness, is it my oyster or my pearl,

In this darkness I struggle, to search for the light, I wonder will life be nonchalant to my plight,

Life is relaxed to my situation, it does not listen to my song, My cries a distant permutation, becoming a never ending throng,

I ask where is my power as I think to the past,
Those long ended days, I so wish they could last,

So I look to the future, to this land should I bow? Or does my inner acceptance come from the power of now,

I see a window opening, yes that’s it, that’s my path, I shall live in the present, may the world be my bath,

I shall cleanse all my worries wash away all those tears, Fore only by living in the moment, will i get rid of my fears…