The Stranger

I was walking down the lane and rested at the pond,
I sat upon a boulder there to dwell and think beyond.

As I looked across the pond I noticed that the trees, reflection in the water were not moving in the breeze.

The water still and mirror like I found myself entranced, by the Silence that engulfed me and the beauty so enhanced.

Then I studied the reflections of the sky and clouds above, birds flew bye, some sang song, and it filled my heart with love. Looking down from where I sat to see something so very strange, a face was glancing back at me, a face that had no name.

I lifted my head quickly, my heart began to pound, this face was not familiar, so I spun my head around .I looked first to my left, then off to the right, and even checked behind, to see who was in sight.

Looking back into the water, the face still staring back, it was the face of an older woman who’s hair appeared to be black. With gray scattered here and there and lifelines I did see, then oh my gosh I realized that face belonged to me!

Where has my youth gone? Where can it be? It was here just only yesterday I know for I did see. Then I thought unto myself, life It’s like this pond, it runs right through your fingers, first it’s here and then it’s gone.

Traveler On The Path