The Vanishing Rainbow

When I was just a child
back many years ago
I fell in love with rainbows
they touched my spirit so.

The colors spanned across the sky
were magical to me.

It was just a miracle
in my child mind you see.

I did not know how
they were made,
until I grew with age.

And then they killed the magic
with their textbooks page by page.

Before the books I thought that God
Had a paintbrush in his hand.

And he would paint
with outstretched arm
rainbows above the land.

For years the magic was destroyed
Gods paint brush gone from hand.

Until I had my vision dream
then began to understand.

The magic is within us
seated deep inside.

The rainbows hit the buttons,
emotions open wide.

As the Rainbow fades away
and melts into the sky.

Like the vanishing rainbow,
the message makes me high.

All the messages I get
I cannot put into words.

It’s all the feelings
emotions as they begin merge.
Traveler On The Path