Truth Tells Itself

Truth is smooth like silk and clear as a river.
It doesn’t wrap it’s arms around you,
but vibrates from deep within you.
It calls to you as clearly as the wolf cries to the moon.

Truth doesn’t fit into your back pocket, or smashed down under piles of paper.
Truth beckons you to take it’s hand and jump into the abyss only to find that truth had you all along.

It is that split second before you persuaded yourself to change your mind and go against it.
It is that resting place you have been looking for.

There is no need to coax truth or tell it boastful stories of who you are and what you’ve accomplished.
Truth already knows your beauty, truth never forgot.

Truth speaks louder than words, it is in every cell of your body.
When you melt into truths presence you feel alive, you vibrate,
your cells dance and encourage more and more partnership with truth.

Truth is what calls you home.

Truth tells itself.
Traveler On The Path