Filled and strengthened
on this path of light
Keeping close to the one
who made my life right

There are those who remorse
and regret their day
But from lust and from pride
they will not turn away…

To behold and to worship
the Creator above
Who has given His Spirit
and shown us His love

We ought to obey
and to follow Him now
His word cannot lie;
it shows us just how

His Spirit He gives
to teach and to show
The straight, narrow path
on which we must go

And His help and His grace
He freely does give
To those who are willing
In the Spirit to live

To deny themselves daily
And be free from sin
No longer in bondage
To deception within

What rejoicing to know
That one day you will be
With the one who so loved you…
For eternity!

No doubt He has made
So clear and so bright
That Yahshua is the one
To give us this right

The blood that He shed
Fulfills as is told
So many times over
By prophets of old

The sacrifice needed
For forgiveness of sins
The veils been broken
We may now enter in

To the Holy of Holies
The holiest of all
So take heed and make haste
To answer His call

Before it’s too late
And before you have lost
Consider it well
And thus count the cost