Unanswered Faith

I have been in search of an answer
Is there anyone able to explain?
How does God choose who are to follow
and which of us are to remain?

Could you please describe it to my heart
that it doesn’t hurt to grieve.
But it kills it when it gets angry
Because a loved one has to leave.

To live and die is everyday life
And no longer a stranger to me.
I know their spirits and hearts are near
It’s just their bodies I can’t see.

It took me a long time to know
But I found it deep inside.
The waves of my heartbeat washed it ashore
With the ocean of tears I cried.

I now know my faith will persevere
As I struggle to carry on.
But each day that I awake without you
I still can’t believe you’re gone.

In memory of BCS, TMM, and RWR… you are here with me.