Shining lights

It was that night they came to me
shaken so within my heart
then the stillness
the peace so deep within me

could this be
oh on my knees is this real
I thought inside
no-one can know

and the world swept
away into the energies
and I into all things
and all things into I

I could see no perception
no eyes
seeing I
could not be
rising into the forever infinity
starchild I, me

no none should know
they’d flock like bees
stinging at my soul
none could know

oh love what can I do
I am alive
trying to learn
to even speak
to even walk
merging into society

and the shining of that moment
within it is in my mind
and my feet glisten
in the innocence
of the light beam moment

and I learned to run through
all the universe
running I a star
a starchild
am I

and what are you
I am wondering
what are these things
you are doing

what are these battles
please do not tell me
yet, I am curious
I need not know

look if you would tonight
look see the one
yes that one
it is I love
in the shining

feel me
feel me
I am you
I am I
we are we
the infinity
the shining lights
Traveler On The Path