From out of the thunder he came
her lover lost at sea
a thousand years have past
since their last embrace

The tears that washed the shores
that filled the sands
all past a long time gone
her face numbed by time past

Her heart that aches like a stab of the knife
the pain that past with each long day
the emptiness that filled her soul

As her eyes searched the skies
in answer of her prayers
the darkness dawns across her heart
a reminder of lost days

The answer never comes
the darkness grows
her heart is harden to a stone
and where is the one to soften the blow

The wheel spins as time ticks by
the numbness spreads from night to day
she sits and weeps
and wonders why
her heart cant take this cruel world

The thoughts that pass
to join the one
who brought such joy
are all in vein

For this her destiny
to be tortured from beginning to end
a love she’ll never know
never hold never own

The days tick by
and her heart sinks
beneath the sands
the salty sands washed away
by her weeping tears
Traveler On The Path