When life was trouble free

I remember as a child walking barefoot in the rain.

Jumping in the puddles,
life was just a game.

Warm water splashing on me,
from the hot afternoon ground.

Life was trouble free,
as the world it spun around.

Remembering the smell of the hot tar,
on the black top cooled by rain.

How clean and green the trees were,
and the air it smelled the same.

laughing so hard my stomach would hurt,
my cheeks would ache from smiling.

This was many years of yesterdays,
when life was still beguiling.

Jumping up and down in puddles,
with every ounce of strength.

Water splashing on my clothes,
my face and hair are drenched.

Water running down my hair,
and dripping in my eyes.

Wet arms outstretched as I spun,
with eyes fixed to the sky.

There I see the clouds,
creating faces upon high,
oh look a guardian angel with a twinkle in it’s eye.

I remember life,
when life was trouble free.

I remember life
but will life remember me?
Traveler On The Path