Ye Of Little Faith

“The Lord knows my heart,” is what they often say,
But he also knows its been some time;
Since they’ve sincerely prayed.
“When I get myself right,
Then will I become saved;”
However, the life you live right now,
May not see another day.

Then there are those who think,
That God is not real;
Saying, If God is suppose to be love,
Then why is pain I feel?”
“And being that He is Almighty,
With all power in His hand;
Then why instead of making us perfect,
He made imperfect humans?”

O ye of little faith, is what God often says,
And wonders why we put more trust;
In man instead of Him.
It breaks God’s heart for Him to know,
He has prepared this Heavenly place;
But the only one’s allowed to enter,
Must walk through the narrow and straight.

O ye of little faith, if only you would believe,
God’s able to do exceedingly more;
Than we ever could conceicve.
His patience out waits eternity,
And His love holds no grudge;
He constantly longs with all His heart,
For us to be obedient.

Every second of every minute,
He hears our humble cry;
But often times He makes us wait,
Testing our faith by fire.
O,Ye of little faith, why do you walk by sight?
Instead of allowing the strength of faith;
To carry you into thy marvelous light?