Yin and Yang

within each curling tear-shape
in the circle of yin-yang
is a point
of darkness in the light
of light within the dark
to symbolize the ever-changing flow
of one into the other
and to symbolize the wholeness
that encircles timely change
this symbol of opposing forces that comprise our way of being in this world
teaches us our choices
we can be divided into sequences of differences
or we can slip into integrity by slipping out of time
we can follow shame with honor, undo heroics with misdeeds
or embrace our shame and guilt even as we own
our own compassion, courage, and naive innocence
we can honor our passivity even as we act from heart-felt passions
healing from our hurts and blaming no one
hurting others and forgiving our own pain
we can live it all at once
at war with those who war against our peace
at peace with those whose different kinds of peace offend us
vulnerable within our strength
powerful despite our timid reservations
each of us significant enough to change the entire world
and so unimportant that our dying doesn’t matter
each of us a universe unto ourselves
connected to the multiverse beyond us
destroying what we recreate, creating from destruction
forever following ourselves from darkness into light
and into darkness from the light
until we’re small enough and big enough to be it all
at once
everything and nothing
illusory and real
bitter, churning turmoil and the sweetness of serenity
seamlessly entire around our own dichotomies
flowing as we hold the hole of perfect wholeness
and are held within it
knowing we are one of many, many who are one
yin and yang experience
of timelessness in time
right here
right now
this very moment
don’t you simply love it?!
Traveler On The Path