You hold my heart

You came so early, it scared everyone
Born to us so small and fragile
Not being able to bring you home
Not being able to hold you when you were born
Hearing you cry made me cry
I knew you wanted me to hold you, yet I couldn’t
You grew stronger every day, on your own
Knowing I was here, you slowly became a healthy baby
Coming home was a dream come true
To hold you
To love you
To look at you
To cry over you
All the pain in the world, the worries, the confusion
It’s all so worth having you here
You are such a healthy baby now
Always wanting mommy to hold you
…and mommy always will be there to hold you
So, Brandon, don’t every doubt that I love you
For you are my life, my light and my love
You and I will always be
Mommy and son
Traveler On The Path