You in Me

Sitting on the seashore I brood Life to me seems so very rude
But thoughts of you come gushing down Into my soul they blend with my
mind Thoughts of you seem to placate my mind Whenever I am turbulent
Whenever I think the world is flagrant You hold my hand in your
soothing hand You are the person I always admire I have great
reverence for you Because your thoughts never desert me
Even when the world would Your thoughts make my arid mind arable
To sow the seeds of love and hope But alas,I realized that they are
only thoughts Thoughts of you beside me I don’t know whether
be beside me Through and through my life But thoughts of you will
always be Fresh and pristine in my heart
I don’t desire or pine for you
But I know you are so magnanimous
That if you ever knew how much it means
I know you’ll come to me forever.
Traveler On The Path