A wonderful, rendering of faith, love , aspiring love
Engraved in the souls path, journeys from above 
A wonderful reminder of gods keepsakes, soft waves
A marvelous centerpiece, in each day
Our serenity, peace, in angels existence

Through Jesus strength, each endure
Heavenly guidance is smiling in our hearts
Visitations are in each floral part
Soft open steadfast hope

An eternal source is a precious reminder footprints
Wonderers gifts are seen angels reflections
Messengers light the doorways in darkness
Arrayed in soft flowing spirits, all shall come
Even the littlest prayers are heard in rays of towering beacons

Angels..Japans Song

Outside in each home, lighted prayers are lit

I breathe with each memory needed to repair the cause

Gather the hearts sending to there sides, proud honor they carry families

Touch the serpentine sandals with celestial beings

Feeling life’s miracles with one last song

Breathe with mine thy heavens

With each cascading lever or door

Chase the sadness away

This is a prayer, to change light

spiritual hearts gather now, Gods plight

heavens, life orb, with divine spirits

Unseen angels watch thee, to rebuild life there

Questioning angels relive the hearts melodies, seek me

Helping one prayer at a time