Dream Away

Please just dream away.
In peace. In happiness. In purity.
Entrust me to mend your broken wings.

I hear it talking in the darkness.
Like it’s close by, guiding my prayers.
Let my words rest at your bedside.

Ah~ Once more I am all alone.
All alone in the search for love.
I reach out with both my hands,
Attempting to reach the dancing birds in the sky.

In the pain my rest brings.
In the times that I am lost.
Don’t forget my heart is there by your side.

Ah~ Like it’s guiding me.
The stars glitter in the night air.
But it’s only a victory of tears.
And my longing reminds.

In the brilliance of a sunrise, I awaken to the world.
I open my eyes to the new dawn.
My heart remains at your side.

No matter what force separates me form my path,
my heart will always remain pure.
Traveler On The Path