The Universal Net

Angels were given the right to assist us in our journey to the source. They are a part of a vast network of spiritual, loving beings who can and will be at one’s side at a moment’s notice. Though it is has been said that sometimes you have to call upon the angels so that they may intervene, you do not have to call on them directly. By asking or praying to God/Universe for help, it may come by way of an angel. We may never see or hear angels when they assist us, and what we receive may be in part something we overlooked or not at all what we asked for or expected. You might say it is similar to how we may allow a child to learn life’s lessons, we may stand by watching over them as they find their way or give help to get through a difficulty, or when a child comes to us for assistance give our full devotion to the task.

Angels have also been known to completely heal an illness or problem in a person’s life. You might say that the lessons being learned by the individual and those around him or her had no need to continue.

Angels are so lovingly devoted to assisting us that at times some may even become caught up in our karma and have difficulty detaching so that they may better serve. It would be kind of us to return the love by saying prayers for them, to be free of human karma so that they may continue to do the service they so lovingly provide.

Angels and other spiritual beings far outnumber the inhabitants of this physical plane. They can be in more than one place at one time, not to mention if there is a need to assist us better, they can see where we have been and where we are going in our soul’s journey.

The internet is an amazing world of its own, and it’s unimaginable what it will be like in just a few short years from now. But the internet is a simple example.. a dim reflection.. of the universal order, the spiritual network, which has existed since the dawn of time.