Twenty-one and counting

Her heart stopped beating yesterday when she was laughing
she slipped away so easily
she left us thunderstruck
but not abandoned
I am here
she whispers silently from everywhere
I’m more here than you are!
it’s so amazing, wait until you see!
whatever all the past and all the future might have been
they have dissolved
into what I am right now
pure joy
there’s so much love on this side
that it outshines everything!
the hole she left in this world
has become an opening
through which the Light
surrounds us
even more than all the gifts she left us
she left us
counting all our blessings
thank you
every day
thank you
for the time you spent with us, sweet child
for the present
and for being with us still
we’ll live our lives with all this love
and we’ll see you
when we too
are through
the veil

Traveler On The Path