Touch that Dial

Perceiving, or assembling the world into meaningfulness in particular ways, Don Juan told Castaneda, is accomplished from particular locations in the energy body. The usual position of the “assemblage point,” the commonly rooted position that translates the world into its ordinary, mundane, rational appearance, is behind the right shoulder blade.

That didn’t make much sense to me at the time that I read it, years ago, but yesterday, as I sat quietly in my living room, I focused on that point. It seemed I knew exactly where it was. I took note of how I was perceiving the room. In an ordinary, rational way. There’s a chair. There’s the woodstove. Then, just by thinking that I could, I moved the assemblage point, which felt like a flattened sphere of reddish light energy about two inches in diameter, from behind my right shoulder over to somewhere behind my left shoulder, and as I did, even though my eyes were still reading objects, my perception shifted so noticeably that it seemed I’d just jolted my left side open with a tiny electric shock. Everything seemed transparent. All the objects I was looking at consisted of layers of motion. Atoms and molecules existed at their own rates of motion, or time, and the space between them at another. But what I was excited about was what had happened when I moved the assemblage point. The sensation was that my energy body was a gridwork of lines of light – picture a computerized three-dimensional ovoid blueprint, circumscribed with lines of light. When I shifted the flattened sphere from the right to the left, it didn’t slide over the grid, it stayed attached to it, like a knob, and the entire gridwork was shifted, as if I’d just opened the air-conditioning vent in my car, all the little slats moving at the same time. What I had been experiencing before, I could tell by the contrast of what I was experiencing now, had been a reception of information all over, not just through eyes and ears, but now there was a different slant, a polarized retake, of the information that was being received by the entire surface of my energy body. I had a vast spherical awareness of the spaciousness behind me, beneath me, of the energy levels and frequencies of everything around me, with no sense of up or down, gravity or disconnectedness.

I shifted the point of awareness back to my right shoulder, and the grid slid with it, closing off the x-ray-vision as if I’d turned the rod on the window blinds. Wow, cool, I thought. I sat there like a kid, sliding myself open and shut, as if I’d just learned how to wink both eyes, one at a time, to make my raised finger move back and forth without moving it.

Then it occurred to me that I could slide my energy grid into yet another position. So, with a thought, I slid the knob to the top of my head. Whoa. Roller coaster upside-down swirl, but then, whee, I was out, my eyes closed themselves off from seeing the room and I was out of my body, flying somersaults over my own head, zooming up and diving and spiraling into a multidimensional dance of freedom.

Okay, that was fun, slide the knob back to the right shoulder blade and catch my breath. This kind of discovery makes me feel like an infant discovering that my arms are attached to me. It’s very much like that. I still don’t know how I move my arm. I just use a glance to let it know where I want it to go, and it goes there. I don’t have to use a glance, though, I can reach behind me by using a mental image. But I can also use no image at all. I can just desire that my arm reach up and wave, and it does! This is magic.

So I took a walk this evening and noticed that my little knob of perception was somewhere behind my right shoulder, and everything looked normal, the trees fluttering their autumn-colored leaves in the cool breeze, the tall paper-dry corn plants in long rows, the clusters of Queen Anne’s Lace, the long-needled pines beyond, all was the same landscape through which I have taken evening walks for years.

Then, the same way that I move my arm, by magic, I shifted my sphere of perception over to behind my left shoulder, and instantly I sensed the immensity of the planet, the vastness of space beneath, behind, and all around me, the transparency of the trees and the fields, the dream-like energy of it all. I felt so sensitive to the subtleties of energy shifts that I was suddenly positive there was something alive and mobile just past the last row of corn. I took a few more soft-shoed steps, and two startled fawns bolted across the alfalfa field, slowing to an easy bounce when they sensed my lack of interest. I wondered where their points of perception are in their energy bodies, and whether they can shift them. I suspect that if I were to exercise this position of perception, I might be able to answer such questions with direct awareness.

I walked on, and decided to move the knob into my heart.

I become the trees; they are me, loving myself as their rootless explorer self. The breeze is me, caressing myself. The planet is me, smiling beneath and behind it all. It is all the same loving presence, dressed in different colors, presenting different faces and textures out of a love of creating, creating differences, subtle ones, powerful ones, all the same, differences for the sake of having more to love.

I begin to understand.

So what happens when I move my point of perception into my root chakra, which has to do with material survival, groundedness, aggression and passion, self before tribe? What would happen for someone else, I’m sure, would be different from what happened for me. I was taken aback. With my point of perception located in my root chakra, I saw the trees as objects — in my case, objects that I wanted to paint. I wanted to possess them, objectify them, preserve them in my own way, for my own purposes. I was surprised at how aggressive that felt. (I was also rather relieved – at least I didn’t want to chop them down and turn them into objects I could use or sell.) But my perception was most definitely in terms of objects that I could use for my own ends, for my own survival. My awareness of the different shades of color had to do with greed and was accompanied by a sub-human growl of pleasure. I wanted to capture the colors, manipulate them, add my own desires and intentions to them. I wanted to make the colors mine and sell them. The word enslave comes to mind. I understood a way of perceiving that permeates materialistic and imperialistic societies as I never had before.

This was about the extent of my attention span for the evening, but it gave me plenty to think about. It’s a little like the story of the six blind men and the elephant. It’s also, like, man, our human cultures argue over who is right about what color the grass is on the other side of the fence and we don’t even notice that we’re all wearing different colored sunglasses. It’s like being an infant, too, who doesn’t get it yet, that’s my fist holding that blanket. Oh! You mean I will also be able to pick up a rattle, turn myself over, walk like they do?

How come nobody ever told me I could do this?

You have been told that you can do this, and you have been doing this.

Yeah, that’s the other thing. I was going to say that. I’ve been doing it. I just didn’t know what I was doing. This is another kind of freedom, another kind of fluidity. What we think of as normal percep… by the way, who was that talking to me just now?

That was what happens to your perception when you move that knob to yet another point on or within your energy body. You have an unlimited number of points of perception.

I don’t think I would have understood that remark quite the way I do right now, without having just taken that walk. But I was probably getting a very low impact reception of what is possible to receive.

Yes, you were. What is possible to perceive is the sensation of having changed the dream scene, having shifted the reality entirely, having created another world. But you don’t need to worry about that just yet. Just get the hang of what you’re doing now, and each new skill will follow. All humans will eventually recognize themselves as beings of infinite flexibility, if they so desire. You are one of many assisting the greater mindset to adjust to this potential. There are many realities. We cannot tell you in ways that you can understand as yet, but you can, truly, with the freedom you are developing, change your experiences, and experience your changes, as painlessly as you do when you move your hand to grasp your cup of coffee.

So you’re available to me because I’ve shifted my little knob?

You could call it your point of referral.


Or your translator. Or your polarized magnifying glass. Information can be translated for you and by you from the energy matrix – which is not the same as portrayed in the movie The Matrix, by the way, although that movie was making an excellent point about the general belief system concerning reality. All interpretations have their validity. It is impossible to translate the ultimate reality into any system of communication that is less than the entire ongoing self-creating experience. The purpose of the experience includes interpretations, as it includes awareness of the miracle and mystery of itself. Your interpretations are your stories, as are those of every aware being, and they color, transmute, augment, and enhance the One Story. You have the choice of interpretation as well as of creation of your contribution to the Story.

I can just touch that dial! Use my imagination as one of my extra senses. Know that I am a miracle. Bask in the miraculous.

The miraculous is simply that which is not yet understood or experienced as part of yourself.
Thank you.
You are welcome. It is with infinite devotion that we depart.
You sound familiar.
You have heard from us before.
And I will again?
Most assuredly.

*Exerpt from the book “Somewhere Between Here and Perfect”.

Time for Healing!

We have to go through some unfortunate experiences sometimes in our life. When you speak with other people you will always find out how easy your experience is in comparison to what they have suffered. The impact that experience has brought on your life cannot be identified in your immediate moment but on the contrary will be understood once you step out of the experience itself.

We always seem to look for reasons to justify our experiences or lessons in life. It is easier not to ask for the reasons and sometimes there may be no identifiable answers. However, there are always two reasons in such cases. First it is karmic, in the sense that we are running into a pattern of karma involving another person where we keep dragging the lesson from life into another. Unfortunately, under these circumstances until we learn to understand our experience and forgive the people involved in the event that karma will remain until such times. It is up to us to stop it in the end and with that, the process and pattern will then cease to exist.

Secondly, it is just an experience or lesson that we acquire to have in this life in order to learn something in order to maintain balance in our evolution at a soul level.

There are many cases in our day-to-day life that we can discuss here but I will choose only one situation that is really touching many people today in our lives.

Sexual abuse, whether physical or mental abuse are both to the same extent and can bring the victim the same effects, in terms of the feeling or shame that is brought about from the experience itself. But also over time it will likely bring those victims to a state of un-settlement in terms of their sexuality and their trust toward the opposite sex or the same sex where sometimes this may be the case and also in their relationships. I believe many of us can relate to one or two points I have mentioned.

How do we define sexual abuse whether physically or mental abuse? The way I define it is where sexual abuse being physically is an act to forge someone into performing physical acts against his or her consent and free will. Mental abuse is an act upon someone, either in order to convince or degrade them by taping in on their mental state by pushing on their self-confidence and self-esteem in an attempt to convince them do things against his or her consent and free will.

There is no one instance better or worse than the other. In both cases scars are created in the victims mind and can take a lifetime to heal unless dealing with the situation after the actual event is handled properly.

Which one of my two definitions is a case being karmic or an experience? Well does it really matter? I guess not, but in either case we need to look at the situation in terms of the victim and the abuser, both in the same time there we can determine just how to get out of the dilemma and heal the scars in the process.

For the victims in both types of the abuse I explained, regardless if you go for a court settlement in order to punish the abuser and have financial compensation it won’t solve anything unless you deal with and heal the experience internally.

What do I mean by that? Well it is very simple. Until you come to terms with the experience and accept it and learn to forgive the abuser for what they did to you, you will NOT ever be able release yourself from the experience. That is in no way a means of trying to justify what they did to you in the first place, rather, in order to put your own life back on track to live a normal and productive life again. You must learn to let go and heal the scars of that experience and most importantly, you must NOT blame yourself either because our mind can create a different scenario where we will start to truly believe that it was our fault in the process. We need to understand one thing that is really essential, whatever happened in our past happened, and we are here today in our present moment. Whatever we do, we cannot go back and fix the problem and erase what happened in our past. However, we can accept it and allow the healing process to take place, bring forgiveness and give blessing to both yourself, the person or other people involved in the situation. If we don’t do that we are the ones who are left suffering in the end and we don’t deserve that, do we? So stop feeling the anger, hate or frustration that we have been carrying all our lives since then. What have we to gain from that? Nothing really! Think about it and try to do something about it. Bring love into your being. The energy of love is the most powerful and strongest energy that exists and that can move mountains! So, it can also move experiences from both our conscious and sub conscious minds.

Do not allow your abuser to win by accepting the defeat? That’s the message you are creating but revenge is not the answer and by closing yourself to other people, that is not the answer either. Do not allow your past to hold you back from embracing all of what your future has to offer. Think of your experience and what it brought to you in terms of pain, anger and frustration and transform that energy into knowledge understanding and wisdom in what you’ve experienced and use it toward helping other people who have or are suffering similar experiences to your own.

Be honest about it to yourself. You deserve to suffer for the rest of your life! Unfortunately many victims like the attention that comes from being victim, but in the end you are the only one who will suffer the most from this. Give yourself a break and just accept, forgive and let go. It is high time to stop creating our future karma in situations we could have solved in the first place in this lifetime. And also, forsake of not becoming the abuser of someone else in our future.

About the abuser, sometimes it may have been the case where they were victims when they were young. This is all very well and all points discussed in this article apply to you too. Otherwise, whatever event happened should never have happened in the first place if you, as the abuser had allowed your own healing process to take effect. It is not an excuse to say that an abuser was abused in his or her past and it does not take away the fact that they have hurt someone else because of their own hurt and anger.

In some cases, the abuser is fearful of his or her own situation and picks up on his or her victims weaker side and uses it in order to gain power over the victim, or on the other hand to satisfy his or her ego. That is an attempt to run away and hide from the fear or weakness inflicted upon themselves as a result of their own experiences, of which they do not know how to or accept to deal with. We see these situations in the abuser, mostly in cases being mental abuse situations.

In the end, take a moment to evaluate your life, your situation and your experience which has brought you scars and ask yourself the question. Why am I punishing myself? Do I deserve that in my life all the suffering I am still going through? I don’t think so.

You’ll be the judge!

The Free Spirit Centre

I Believe In Ghosts

I have always had a strong intuition and a healthy link with the spiritual world ever since I was born. Ghosts and spirits lost on their path to the after life would come visit me and go, after watching me in my own happiness or being able to send out that one last message to the living realm. This was routine for me every day; some other worldly visitor would make themselves comfortable while I eased them. Whether it took me 5 minutes or 5 weeks, I would find a way to help these lost ones reach their final rest in the afterlife.

But none ever made an impact quite like the one that protected me for 6 months. He was the lost soul of a druid priest, no older than 20. Although I never did see his face head on, I could tell he was very handsome and noble. For some reason, whenever I saw him, he was weeping or sulking. Eventually, I figured it out. I was the reincarnation of his love during his lifetime. I did the best that I could to ease his pain and eventually, I let him rest on my bed with me and I gave him a kiss, which put his soul to ease and he was able to go on and rest happily in the heavens.

I remember him still, sitting in my room, weeping tears for the kiss he never got. I’m just glad that I could help and hope he’s on a better path now.

My Guardian Angel

This is an upright view of a picture I had taken in January 1999 at a restaurant in Dallas Texas. It is looking out the window at night… the flash hit the window and in the right upper corner you can faintly see the chin, neck and black shirt with gray leaves of a lady I was having dinner with.

When you turn the picture over you see in the center a very visible biblical character… a nun… Mary? I say it is my Guardian Angel Rachel (as I have named her).

I feel she is definitely a spirit and was definitely there watching us, although we didn’t know it at the time, and   feel her with me now.

Now I really watch what I am doing more closely when even alone as I know we are being watched by others that we cannot see are there. It is amazing to me that this happened! I will treasure her forever!

How Old Are You

Modern doctors and physicists tell us that the human body completely renews itself every 5 years. Some “parts” of the body renew themselves faster, such as the lining of the stomach changes every week, the liver is regenerated in 6 weeks, the skin in a month. Our present bodies just didn’t exist five years ago.

Mainstream culture, however, is still firmly rooted in 17th century physics, and we continue to view our bodies as “machines made of matter”, a set of pumps and pipes, joints and muscles and we tell ourselves that “naturally” parts wear out. Our society believes that parts degenerate with age, get clogged and malfunction. Yet, none are more than 5 years old. So how can we now explain this process of aging or of a disease that lasts more than 5 years?

Some scientists believe our bodies are patterns of energy maintained by mental images held in consciousness. We have “learned” our mental images from our society and its Newtonian worldview, and so we persist in the “danse macabre” which only lasts “three score years and ten”.

What do you think would happen to aging and disease and hardened arteries and immobile joints, scars and degeneration if we changed our worldview? What would happen if you held your body’s image as vital, healthy and youthful based on the information that every single atom and molecule will be fresh and new within five years?

How old do you think you really are?

* From our book “Freedom through Contemplation” [ISBN 0-595-15161-2] by Helen and Peter Evans. Helen and Peter are teachers of on-line classes and workshops are also founders of OneCenter, a non-profit dedicated to developing human potential.

* From our book “Freedom through Contemplation” [ISBN 0-595-15161-2] by Helen and Peter Evans. Helen and Peter are teachers of on-line classes and workshops are also founders of OneCenter, a non-profit dedicated to developing human potential.